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6th World Conference on CDG

20 jul 2023 a 22 jul 2023
NOVA School of Science and Technology, FCT NOVA - Costa da Caparica

About the 6th World Conference on CDG: Online workshops from May to June 2023 and In-Person events in July 2023, in Caparica, Portugal, at NOVA School of Science and Technology, FCT NOVA

This year's theme is “Building a collaborative, community-centric strategy to boost drug development for all CDGs”! and includes novelties like the online “World CDG Advocacy and Leadership Academy” and the in-person “World Think Metabolic, Think CDG Academy”! Stay tuned!

The in-person 6th World Conference on CDG, taking place in Caparica, Portugal, at NOVA School of Science and Technology, FCT NOVA, will be the largest, ever global gathering of People Living with CDG (PLwCDG), caregivers, healthcare professionals, and the pharmaceutical industry. It is the most complete and resourceful international conference focused entirely on CDG. The content is delivered in a patient-friendly language that non-specialist audiences can understand. The ultimate goal is to help people to engage with clinicians and researchers more effectively and participate actively in their healthcare decisions.

Every two years, the number of participants grows. In 2023 we expect nearly 500 families and professionals from around the world to gather at our World Conference on CDG to learn the newest advances dedicated to CDG. They also gather for support, strength, hope, and friendship. 

Families and professionals will share their perspectives, experiences, and best practices in every session. Also, the majority of sessions address all CDGs. And in many cases, the knowledge of one CDG type may be of help to many other types. 

Registrations for the 2023 World Conference on CDG will open from February to April 2023. 



Faculdade de Farmácia da U.L.
Av. Prof. Gama Pinto
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Telefone.: +351 217 946 400
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